Saturday, March 17, 2012

When having sex in public becomes a law - Blind Faith by Ben Elton Reviewed

Blind Faith (2007) is a dsytopian novel and it is also dealing with a great variety of issues that are of interest to today’s reader. The book was written by the brilliant comedy writer and stand up comedian, Ben Elton, who is also the author of The Thin Blue Line and Black Adder.

In this didactic but very well-written book he is sharing his views with us on consumer society, trends in the media, in the world of community websites etc , while also telling a great story set in a near future England. Elton has always been a very good observer of the typical, the suprising, and the alaming and presented his observations in a funny and thought-provoking way. Blind Faith is definitly one of his most serious works.

In this book, he describes a world where it is compulsory to share all details of your life online, even the smallest and the most intimate details have to be shown on photos and videos. Citizens of this state live their lives in front of webcams and are obliged to show it to everyone that they have sex often enough, that they are religious enough, live exactly in the way that is expected from them and have no views of their own. The latter is illegal. Keeping a secret is a herecy and punishable by death. The horrible results of climate change are thought to be the signs of God’s wrath, so disbelievers and those who try to keep and share the books and the knowledge of the old times are enemies of the state.

In Blind Faith, Elton is paying tribute to the greatest masters of dystopian fiction, gives us a disturbing account of the near future and he also makes the reader look at the present day lifestyles and societies in a different way. It is worth reading.

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