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Some Good Free Reads: While the Waters Nearer Roll by James Dorr

James Dorr has posted a link to another short story, While the Waters Nearer Roll in his blog. It is worth reading. (This story was published in the Oct, 2007 issue of MAGUSZINE.)
He is the author of two collections by Dark Regions Press (Darker Loves; Strange Mistresses) and one novella. (The latter, The Garden, is available from Damnation Books). His stories and poetry have appeared in many magazines around the world. Visit his blog to read some more.

Some Good Free Reads: With A Rose Between Her Teeth by Valerie Collins

With A Rose Between Her Teeth is a funny short story about expats in Spain by Valerie Collins. (Click here to download it.) This story is also included in the Writers Abroad Anthology of Expat Stories.
Valerie Collins is co-author of In The Garlic, an English language guide-book to all things Spanish. Her short stories have recently appeared in two antologies and she is working on a novel.

A Poem For Horror Lovers: Trial

This has been one of my most successful poems so far.
It was voted Nr9 in The Preditors & Editors Readers Poll in 2005.


Rightful or unjust?
It's the place of claims
and pleas and lies.
Questions reverberate
on the corridors of the mind.
The hall is crowded
and all want to
get into the court room.

It's the place where I defended
rapists, crooks,
the man-eater
and the vivisector.
But who will defend me,
the most terrible monster of all?

A long row of corpses turn up,
they were all called to testify.

© Ilona Hegedus, May 2005
First Published in Whispers of
Wickedness, June 2005.

This poem also appeared in my (self-published) book of genre poetry,Uneartly Companion in 2005.(It's not on sale anymore.)

River City: A Series of Good Books For Those Who Like Police Stories

Do you like books that include loveable characters, heroism, grandeur, humor and crime?
Dead Even, the latest book in Frank Zafiro's fascinating River City series is now available from Gray Dog Press.

This time it's a short story collection, not a novel.
I reviewed the first novel, Under A Raging Moon some
years ago for Novelspot. (Those of you who do not know the series, can read my review of it here.)

New Poems

A sci-fi poem of mine will appear in Aoife's Kiss in June, and a fantasy poem will be in Sounds of the Night in Febr.

In the meantime, you can read some of my older poems here:
Clarissa,Ruler,Healer, Ghost Story,(these are from 2004 and 2005.) I will revamp the website soon, and I'll include more poems, too.