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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you all and a very, very happy new year!

In The News: Famous Hungarians - WOW

Just after all the talk of Hungarian-bornspace touristCharles Simonyi, we have another big science-related news item to talk about. A Hungarian research teamhas successfully cloned a bunny last week.

Back Again

I haven't had much time to post here lately, but I'm planning to make up for it. Soon.

Happy Easter!!

Another Short Story in Universe Pathways

My horror story, Lucky Boy has just appeared in
Universe Pathways.
It's in issue 4 of the English version of the mag. (This short story is based on the one in my poem, Trial).

This issue is quite long, check out the contents here.

Updates On My Writing

I haven't had much time and energy for writing lately, not to mention self-promotion. At least, I got a couple old poems published and two short stories.
I'll soon update my websites, though, and I'm also planning to dedicate more time to writing in the future.
Actually, I've just finished the work on my official website, but I have some problems uploading. (I think this will be resolved in a few days time.)
I'll also make changes to this blog. I'll delete the movie ad, and I'll add the link to my Hungarian blog to the sidebar. I also have a couple of ideas on what to blog about, so visit back soon. :)