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A New Poetry Project

After a long time, I feel like writing poetry again. The main idea of the so-called project is to write 100 pieces of poetry in 30 days.
The most important part of this is choosing a deadline, just to keep the motivation, (but I do not think this will be very difficult, since I would be writing anyway).

New Poem in NthZine

A poem of mine, (Me and My Clones) has appeared in NthZine (Issue #5, June/July 2010).
You can download the magazine from the NthDegree website:

Time Flies

I have not updated this blog for a bit more than two years. Well, that's a long time.

Things I've done:
- living, loving, partying, learning and working...
- reading a lot of books, (contemporary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and sci-fi classics).
- I wrote a short story, a couple of poems, and lots and lots of blog posts in Hungarian about books and movies.
(I don't think it is worth the time and the energy to translate these to English, but we'll see what the future holds.)

My poetry book is not on sale anymore. (I will soon remove the dead links).

That's all for now.