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Showing posts from March, 2006

A Poem in Universe Pathways

A gothic poem of mine, A Dying One has appeared in Greece. It was published in the Greek version of Universe Pathways magazine, though it has not been translated into Greek.
This poem will also appear inthe English-language version of the magazine. (It's a poem from my book, Unearthly Companion).

My Book is No Longer Available at eBookAd

The ebook version of my book can no longer be purchased at the eBookAd website. (Several authors have experienced difficulties in getting their royalties from that company and I decided not to sell the book there ...)

Confronting The Void Reviewed

My review of Steve Lazarowitz's science fiction novel Confronting The Void is now up at the Novelspot website. Read it here.
(Keywords: sci-fi, adventure, psychic bond, fears, human psyche .)