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Published (poems and short stories of mine)



Beneath the Night Sky (poem)
in: "Celestial Musings: Poems Inspired by the Night Sky". December, 2018. (Paperback)

From The Beginning To The End (poem).
in: "300K: une anthologie de poésie sur l'espece humaine/a poetry anthology about the human race"
Beakful Press, October 20, 2018. (Paperback).

2 poems (New Acquaintances, Booklovers Go Everywhere)
“Empathy in Art: Embracing the Other”, DoveTales. An International Journal of the Arts, August, 2018.

2 poems in Hungarian (in Spring, 2018, in Napút 2018/2.)

1 poem in Hungarian (in an ebook anthology, Librarius, Apr 2018.)


A Wolf’s Life (poem)
in Wolf Warriors 4.: Wolves of Light and Darkness
(Paperback – November , 2017)

2 poems in Hungarian (in Spring, 2017, in Napút 2017/3.)


The Best Planet in the World (poem)
in the Spring 2012 issue of Illumen magazine (Issue 16, 1 Apr 2012).

The Fairy's Granddaughter (poem)
in Tales of The Talisman magazine (Volume 7, Issue 3), January 31, 2012

After The Fright (poem)
in the June 2011 issue of Aoife's Kiss

Enough is Better Than Too Much (poem)
in the Feb. 2011 issue of Sounds of The Night


Me and My Clones (poem)
NthZine (Issue #5, June/July 2010)


Lucky Boy (short story)
In: Universe Pathways, issue 4, (English version)(2007)


Between The Bookcases (short story)
In: Universe Pathways, issue 3, (English version)(2006)

She's a Star (poem)
In: Wicked Karneval Issue 7

Trial (poem)
In: International Poet (The International Library of Contemporary Poets) June, 2006.
(First published in Whispers of Wickedness, June 2005)

A Dying One(poem)
In: Universe Pathways,
in the 2nd issue of the English version of the magazine. (This is a poem from my book, Unearthly Companion).

In: Káfé, 22.03.2006.
(This poem was first published in the December 2005 edition of Between Kisses.)

A Dying One(poem)
In: Universe Pathways, in the 3rd issue of the Greek version of the magazine. (This is a poem from my book, Unearthly Companion).

Mistress Awaited(poem)
in the 2006 Spring issue of Night to Dawn

In: Bondage anthology, February 2006
Sam's Dot Publishing

To be or?(poem)
Muses Review Winter 2006

In Hell(poem)
Muses Review Winter 2006


in the December 2005 edition of Between Kisses

In Command(poem)
in the December 2005 issue of KidVisions

Uneartly Companion (end of October, 2005)
My (self-published) book of genre poetry.(It's not on sale anymore.)

The Bond(poem)
in issue #7 of Book of Dark Wisdom Magazine (Oct. 2005).

in: Whispers of Wickedness, June 2005.

In: Astropoetica Spring/Summer 2005. Volume 3.2

in the in June 2005 issue of Between Kisses

in the June issue of Between Kisses newsletter

in the April 2005 issue of Beyond Centauri

Diplomatic Bag(poem)
in the spring issue of Poetry Lane

The Bones Won't Tell(poem)
in the February/March 2005 issue of AlienSkin Magazine


in the December 1, 2004 issue of Expressions Newsletter

in the 1 December 2004 issue of KidVisions.

The Scientist(poem)
in the December 1
2004 issue of Between Kisses

In the Halloween, 2004 issue of Skyline

Black Magic(poem)
In the October 2004 issue of Illumen ( Sam's Dot Publishing )

Ghost Story(poem)
In the September 1, 2004 issue of Expressions

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