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Showing posts from October, 2005

Unearthly Companion: Another Review

My book, Unearthly Companion has received another review. It's from The Fantasy Times.
It says 'Around a campfire on a cold evening is the perfect venue for this collection of poetry. Ms. Hegedus’ story telling shines while in a setting such as this and will bring any campfire to a chorus of oohs, aaahs and NO WAYS.'
Read the whole review here.

Marilyn Peake's Poetry Published For The First Time

Marilyn Peake is the author of a trilogy of fantasy novels for children (The Fisherman’s Son, The City of the Golden Sun, and Return of the Golden Age) and is also writing dark fantasy.
She's this month's Featured Poet at TRI Studio's Featured Poet page which also includes some of her poems. Read them here.
There's a poem entitled In Memory of New Orleans, don't miss that one.
Visit Marilyn Peake's website.