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Showing posts from September, 2005

The First Review

The first (pre-publication) review of my book of genre poetry, Unearthly Companion has just appeared at the TCM Reviews site and the reviewer likes it. Read the review here.

Venus Has Appeared

A poem of mine, Venus, has just appeared in Astropoetica.
This was the first English-language poem I sold (last Summer). It is the 13th that gets published. I have always considered this a lucky number.

Please Vote for Ilona's World

It's time again to vote for SF Crownest's Wooden Rocket Awards for the best science fiction and fantasy related web sites at

There are many cathegories, including a new one called Best Blog, which also includes author blogs.
Please vote for this blog, Ilona's World, which includes news about my work, but also short reviews, and links to poems and short stories by other writers that I come across and I like. You have to give it's address: . Vote here.

Thanks a lot for your support,

It's Monday Again

I have the cover for the book.

The title is Unearthly Companion and it will contain story-telling genre poetry (sci-fi, fantasy and horror, with some humor added). It will be released at end of October.