Monday, August 29, 2005

Recommended Website: Wicked Carnival

Check out issue 4 of Wicked Karnival magazine. It includes poems, articles, short stories and artwork. (All things horror.)

Though I haven't had the time to read the whole issue 4, here's a short review based on what I have read.

What I'd like to tell you about is mainly that it contains horror poetry that is worth ckecking out. I really like Louise Bohmer's 'Vampires Cheat (And Werewolves Are Sore Losers)', it's a very funny account of a night when monsters are playing cards.
Darren Franz's The Forgotten Prisoner and Brian Yount's My Beast are also good ones.
I probably like them so much, because this is also the way I like to write, telling stories, often from a characters point of view, and often showing them (including their thoughts) in just one particular moment of their life, but without nice endings, without wanting to accompany them all the way.
The Forgotten Prisoner is a shorter one which leaves open many questions, whereas My Beast reveals a lot more as you read on and is, definitely, not without surprises.
Stephen M. Wilson's 'Wicked Karnival: A Toast To Tod Browning Jr.' is also a nice one, though I have to admit, I did not know anything about Tod Browning Jr. I was also delighted to see the author paying tribute to Bela Lugossy. (Unfortunately, today, even Hungarians often have no idea who he was.)

And a few words about the Illustrations

Congartulations for the artists.
I especially like the Frankenstein monster with the big head and the bearded lady. And the monster stabbing the girl is also a good one.

Great artwork and truly wicked poems. That's entertainment and it's badly needed.

You can download the electronic version of the magazine for free,
but you can also get it in printed form.