Friday, August 12, 2005

Cat City reviewed

Cat City is the greatest achievement of Hungarian animators. It has an action-packed storyline with plenty of humour. This cartoon, Cat City is now a cult classic and an often quoted one. That's not without a reason. The dialogues are brilliantly written and are hilarious, and the characters are likeable.

The original title (Macskafogo) means literally Cat-catcher. According to the story, the cats are planning the extermination of all mice from the planet. However, the mice have a superhero to turn to, a James Bond-like mouse with great physical strength, teeth hard like diamonds, a god sense of humor, and the cleverness of an Einstein.
He is sent to a Japanese-seeming city called Pokio, to get the plans of a new weapon from a mouse scientist. While he is working undercover the mice need another person to draw attention away from him, and this other mouse is also sent to Japan. He is a bit over-weight, but he is a very warm-hearted mouse, who devotes all his time to playing his trumpet. (Unfortunately, though, after a planecrash, he finds himself in the jungle, where he is kidnapped by vampire bats, who also turn out to be music lovers.)
In the meantime, a group of assassin rats are hired to find the mouse agent and kill him.

The cartoon makes use of many clichés of Hollywood movies, making the reader laugh again and again.

Cat City (1986) is available in English, (I've checked it out at Amazon.)

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A. Trendl, editor, said...

I just caught your Cat City review on Amazon while looking (unsuccessfully) for "The Little Fox" (it was on Spanish TV here in Chicago this week). Seems that Amazon thinks it is awful, as do some reviewers, while others, like yourself, are giving it thumbs up. Hard to imagine a cartoon with battle lines drawn as such.

I'll be keeping an eye on your blog... it is new to me. Nice to see a bilingual Hungarian writing about literature.

Anthony Trendl
Illinois, USA