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A good book for urban fantasy lovers: Casting Shadows by J. Kelley Anderson

Title: Casting Shadows
Author: J. Kelley Anderson
Genre(s) / Subgenre(s):  Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy
Publisher: World Castle Publishing (January 31, 2012)
Formats: paperback (232 pages) or electronic (Kindle Edition)

I’ve always liked stories that are a bit different from the average. Casting Shadows by J. Kelley Anderson is definitely a book that tells a story like that.

At the beginning, the main character Edward performs a magic ritual in a cemetery to summon an undead servant. He only does this because he is under a spell and a demon is trying to influence his deeds. However, the new servant, Vincent  will not be the merciless evil being that one could expect. He will be more like a friend, who always has Edward’s best interests at heart, but he also has his own will and his own views about things. He does his best to protect him from himself and from the evil forces that are at work in the ususally quiet little town of Hurst, Ohio.  A very powerful witch grandmother also appears, who tries to teach Edward  how to become a warlock. He also encounters several types of magical beings and learns that he has to become the champion fighting for mankind and he really needs to grow up for the task very quickly. His only connection to normal life remains his best friend, Michael who is a local police officer and who, fortunately, has a sense of humor.

Casting Shadows is a real page-turner, the  characters are well-drawn, likeable and more complex than the ususal fantasy clichés. The story is a unique mixture of what we have seen already and what we have not. There are also some great humorous scenes added. 

If you are interested in urban fantasy, do not miss this book.  It’s highly recommended.

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