Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There? by Whoopi Goldberg

Hyperion Books (October, 2010)

Whoopi Goldberg had a lead role in some of the best comedies of the 80s and the early 90s, so when I came across her book Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There? I immediately decided to get a copy.

This is a book of observations about the lack of respect that you can witness every day, with some humor added. She basically wrote a guidebook on what is acceptable behaviour and what is not at a lot of different places. The list includes for expl. cinemas, theatres, buses, trains, airports, airplanes, hotels, restaurants and workplaces.
The book is a bit didactic, sometimes overly didactic, but at times it is also a bit like watching stand up comedy. She is talking mainly about the US, but most of the thoughtless behaviours that she mentions are a part of everyday life at other parts of the world, too.

She notices that sometimes people just simply do not think that their behaviour can be irritating to others, even though there are many who simply do not care if they become a nuisance or not.
She also suggests giving the book as a present to your inconsiderate friends and family members.
We can all agree that for expl it's better to look at the people you are talking to than looking at your blackberry, but sometimes people need a reminder or two, so this can really be a good a advice and it is also good for the sales.

'Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?' is recommended for both the funny and sad examples that the author collected and also because of her style.