Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A poem of mine appeared in Sounds of The Night

The Febr issue of Sounds of The Night is out, with a poem of mine in it. (This is issue 8, and the poem's title is 'Enough is Better Than Too Much').
Sounds of the Night features science fiction and fantasy short stories and poetry, with a tad of romance thrown in.
Based on the list of contributors, it seems to be a nice selection. (I can hardly wait to get my contributor's copy).
Sounds of the Night is published by Samsdot Publishing. Copies of it can be ordered via the Genremall.


James Dorr said...

Ilona, congratulations! Sam's Dot is a great place to publish. (But then I may not be exactly neutral -- I have a book of poetry, Vamps (A Retrospective), coming out from them in early April if all goes on schedule, mostly vampire poetry as the title implies, and with illustrations by Marge Simon.;-)

Ilona said...

Thanks, James! :) I also like Samsdot. (They have published some poems by me in their magazines a couple of times.)
Congratulations to you, too. :) I'd like to read Vamps.:)