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A New Poem in Coffee Poems anthology

Coffee Poems is an anthology containing poems about coffee. It includes one of my poems. (May 2019.) (The book contains poems by 139 poets. From 12 countries.)
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2018 - Year In Review

A short summary about writing and published works in 2018. My poems appeared in three English-language anthologies . The topics of these collections include empathy in art, the history of mankind, and the third anthology contains poems about the night sky. I also had some poems, haikus in one local magazine and a short poem in a local anthology (in Hungarian). I also started blogging again, posted some book reviews, and I also made some author interviews . (We interviewed each other with some local women writers.) In 2019, I'd like to have more poems published, and I'd also like to work on some new short stories.

A New Poem in Celestial Musings Poetry Anthology

Celestial Musings anthology includes one of my poems. This is a collection of poems about the beauty of the night sky. (" Celestial Musings: Poems Inspired by the Night Sky "  December, 2018.) The proceeds from the book will benefit the Charles W. Brown Planetarium at Ball State University.

A New Poem in 300K Poetry Anthology

One of my poems appeared in 300K poetry anthology. ' 300K A Poetry Anthology about the Human Race ' includes poems by French-speaking and English-speaking poets. These are all poems about the history of mankind. (Some are in French and some are in English.)

New Poems in DoveTales Magazine

Two of my poems appeared in the latest issue of DoveTales .  This is an international journal of the arts. (Topic: “ Empathy in Art: Embracing the Other ”) You can get a copy here .

More Poems Published

I started to write again last year. (Poems ans short stories.)                                Since then, I've had six poems published and there will be more. (This is a photo of my contributor's copies.)